I often think what the reason for this show is.

The internet is not cheap. All the gear you see some outstanding people wearing is not free.

Over the last six years, I have done lots of shows and always had to think of ways to make them different and want people to want to come back for more. The main reason for all of this is I wanted to be on the air.

I worked for a couple of different commercial radio stations and just was told that I would never make it. Well, I did give up for years and then brought this show to the internet. I have some excellent friends that have helped me and some strangers who had no reason to help me. People wearing the t-shirts and hats and putting stickers on cars have blown me away. The amount of support this little podcast gets is incredible.

All I do is sit here and play some music and say crap I hope is funny. And I get some extraordinary support.

The show will always be free to the public. This is my hobby, and I do it for fun. But I do want to be good at it. If anything to show those that said I could not do it. I would love to work at a station but as the years go by I realize this is my station! And will make it the best.

So in all of this, my message is. Listen to the show and if you like it, tell somebody and please come back. This show is about what I call rock’n’roll. And you really will never know what you are going to get.

Right now I want to thank all that have listened to any show and the GREAT people that have worn the gear. I can never thank you enough for supporting this poor white boy from Frayser…

Don’t Ever Stop Rockn’!

J.P. Diamond